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Digital Assets


Digital assets are assets with digital design that are produced in post production. Digital assets give the key-message the campaign needs. our creatives, designers and editors know to catch the essence of every brand and create fun and engaging digital assets.


Mixed Media


Many deliverables and digital assets we create are a combination of multiple technical approaches.
It starts with the concept and the goal of the visuals. Mixed media could be that we use photography in combination with motion design, or it could be we use film, CGI and compositing to create the final asset. We are able to create and produce these assets from a-z.




With CGI, the possibilities for your brand are endless Our award winning CGI team will go beyond limits to create the artwork and visual assets for your brand. From photorealistic visuals to infographic movies to quirky 3D animations.


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Studio Zelden, Mobility



For BMW Nederland we developed a content setup to create an extra asset collection for communication online and offline. The content has been setup to show the new BMW 840i coupe, and the BMW X3 from a producthero perspective. Showing the beauty and aesthetics of the new models, creating engagement on all channels. We used a mixed media setup for this production creating photography, film clips, and 2 films including sounds and digital design.


Studio Zelden, Mobility



For the brand Swapfiets we got to work on a product based content and image-strategy. We produced content that shows who they are and how Swapfiets wants to postion themselves in the eyes of their customers.


Animated, Mobility



Northwave visually translates their cyber security model by means of a maritime voyage of a ship. Companies need constant security in this digital age, just like a ship on the high seas. If critical elements of a ship do not function properly, this can pose a danger to the ship itself. These risks are comparable to the risks of modern companies and the way they operate digitally. We animated the journey of a ship and all the dangers involved on the high sea


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