Bathroom, Sanitair
Sanitair, Bathroom
Bathroom, Sanitair
Bathroom, Toilet

Services: Wepa

Set styling 



Our in-house creatives have experience in developing set concepts and realizing them. For the full-service mixed media production of Wepa, we have translated the characteristics of the product into the correct set concept and its implementation into a production. For the different decors it was very important that they looked clean and fresh, so that they match with the cleaning materials of Wepa. For the production of Wepa, different sets have been built and different styles have been created, including the right set dressing and props.

Models & Styling



Our in-house creatives have experience with set up castings. For the production of Wepa, they sourced for the right models to ensure that the images of Wepa were taken to a higher level. Diversity was a very important aspect for the casting of the Wepa production! Studio Zelden is a full-service production house, which means that we can also support with the wardrobe and styling. For the styling of the models it was important that we showed a realistic representation of the different models in the environment they were in. Our in-house creatives knew exactly how to match the "look" of the models to the entire setting. 


Digital Assets


For the production, our creatives, designers and editors for Wepa, created catchy digital assets. Digital assets are the key-message the campaign needs. All digital assets and creative DTP assets are delivered ready to post and fit for format. This way they can be used directly on web and social media of Wepa.


Mixed Media


At the beginning of the production for Wepa, we looked at the different possibilities that are available, from which we could decide whether the production could consist of one or more technical approaches. It all starts with the concept and the goal of the campaign/visuals. In order to achieve the best result, we used a combination of stills, motion and digital assets for the images of Wepa.


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