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About Studio Zelden and our services

Creative design studio & Digital asset production


Still Digital assets are created in post production. The designs are based on a beautiful brand image or a well-chosen stock photo. The asset is a translation of the Brand ID and is in line with the current content strategy. In this way, the assets can be used immediately on social, web or other digital communications.


Mixed Media Studio


We use different technical approaches in many of our projects. We start with the purpose of the campaign / visuals first. Mixed media can, for example, be a combination of photography and motion design. Together with our talents and with these technical approaches we can create and produce a production of a-z.


Full service photography productions


We produce high-end photography for brands and e-commerce. This is an important part of the visuals brand ID. Interior, product and lifestyle photography are examples of this. This is how we create your dream setting on location, but also the complete set and decors in the studio. In such projects we focus on the best qualities of the product and create professional and creative images.


Full service film productions


An advantage of Studio Rarely is that we are a full-service production house. This enables us to produce a full-service film production from start to finish. From a small video to a large commercial. We love to challenge ourselves. From concept development and pre-production to full-production and high-end image editing. Nothing is too crazy for us! 


3D & CGI Studio


Within 3D and CGI we can create a world how you see it. Everything is possible in our studio. From photo-realistic images, infographic films and impressive 3D animations. We create and produce movie assets, campaign assets or any kind of 3D and CGI for your company. Our award-winning CGI team goes beyond limits to create illustrations and visual assets for your work.  


User cases | Creative DIGITAL ASSETS studio | Studio Zelden

BMW M850i ​​xDrive Gran Coupé


These stills are part of a content production for BMW Netherlands. A lot of retouching is needed to get the image straight and clean first. Perspectives are of course straight and then the window seats were raised and we adjusted the view. This image was shot in our studio, which is already nice and spacious in principle, but has now become really huge due to the raised walls and windows.

BMW x1 xDrive 25e


The concept for this content series of the X1 drive was to visualize the modern features with a stationary car in the studio. Charging, the electric car. The durability. And the smooth sound of driving with an electric motor. Studio Zelden provided the full-service media production including concept and art direction. A big part of this was the retouching in both the stills and the motion images.


Services: Concept | Art-direction | Full-service production | Crew / Gear / Studio | Image manipulation | Editing | Retouching | Grading

Fevertree | Flavorwheel campaign | UK / AUS / USA


For Fevertree (London) were able to provide a full-service production for the 2019 Summer Campaign. Tight Hero packshots for DOOH campaigns up to and including the wrapping on the London double-decker buses. The image consists of several separate images that have been composite to achieve the ultimate resolution for the XXL-ADS.


Services: Full service tabletop production | Motion & Still / Mixed Media production | Image retouching | Image manipulation | Compositing | CGI (the fizz above the glass) | Digital assets | Creative DTP

Lipton Plant Power Hydration Campaign


For Lipton we set up a mixed media production where the deliverables consisted of a motion campaign, social campaign and a Keyvisual / Door campaign. On the left you can see the Keyvisual campaign that we produced and did editing and comping for. All parts are loose, we modeled and rendered the water, the glass bottle and the packs in 3D to be added later. In Photoshop we did the last editing, corrected reflections, manipulated the shape of the packs and the water and, for example, added the drop on the "floor".


Services: Full service mixed media production | Image manipulation | Editing | Retouching | GradingCompositing | 3D/CGI | Digital assets (also for DOOH) | Creative DTP



For Wepa we  have set up a full-service mixed media production in which we produced both stills, motion and digital assets. With image editing and manipulation we ensured the highest possible quality of the final assets for the client.



For Noosh we visualised their products in a way that gives them a clean and fresh look. The focus lies on bringing out the quality of the products. 



The production for Valdispert was a big set-up where we produced both product photography for small products as well as model photography on big monochrome sets. With colour grading we ensured that the big sets all looked fully monochrome in the final assets.

Smirnoff Ice


For Smirnoff Ice we produced the European campaign. With image editing and manipulation we created a sunset on a cloudy sky, did all the necessary retouching, colour grading and editing to create the best possible results. 



Voor Naïf hebben we de bestaande productfotografie geoptimaliseerd om de fotografie en de producten de premium look en feel te geven die past bij het merk. 

Some of the brands and clients we work for