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Services: Loods 5

Product photography


Our in-house creatives are engaged in the image optimization of product photography for multichannel e-commerce photography, ensuring that the online product experience is optimized. By providing high quality product photography and strengthening the materials and designs of this beautiful interior brand, we ensure that the customer experiences and really feels the products of Loods 5 as well as possible in an online environment.


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Lifestyle photography


Lifestyle photography shows the characteristics of the products very well and ensures that the audience gets involved with the products on set. From concept to realization. We worked on creating different image concepts and the decor design. In this way, we could show the whole setdesign and beautiful furnitur of Loods 5. In the end, our in-house creatives created a beautiful landscape in which the products of Loods 5 came to life.


Mixed Media


For some of the images of Loods 5, we have used multiple technical approaches. We have made a combination of photography and motion animations to achieve the desired result. With these moving images we ensured more engaging content for Loods 5.


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