19/05/2022 |


We started the production for Philips! This film production is centered around one of the home appliance products of the brand. In order to bring the product to life, we designed a fake kitchen in our studio, styled the kitchen, and worked with a professional food stylist. We used the delicious foods to style the kitchen and the Phillips product to create an authentic and wholesome cooking experience. Want to know how this will turn out? Stay tuned! 


09/05/2022 |


As some might already know. We started a new label! Where we focus on what Studio Zelden does best but for food and beverage brands. So if you are looking for mouthwatering content and campaigns head over to Hungrrry.com where you can see our work, who we are, and all things delicious.  


28/03/2022 |


We outgrew our current studio, and we are expanding our 1000 square meters into 1300m2. Our productions are getting bigger and better, so the logical next step is expanding our office. The additional space is again a light, open and wide space. It is a great space for the extra capacity of our strategy and agency services, stay tuned to see the final look and we hope to welcome everyone soon in our new office space. 


08/03/2022 |


Who doesn’t recognize the bright pink delivery service, Flink? We have been working with the brand to create their new OOH campaign, where we have created multiple photography assets. The assets in combination with the bright pink text overlay to be seen by the world. In collaboration with OOH Masters, we have been able to display the campaign throughout the biggest cities in the Netherlands. 


07/03/2022 |


The production for Footlocker has started! 3 shoots are on the horizon for the sneaker retailer, where the models, kicks, and fits are teleported into the metaverse. The shoot will be a combination of stills and film in a futuristic CGI setting. You can now check out the final imagery on our social channels! 


15/02/2022 |

We are growing rapidly and expanding our team is a big part of it. That is why we welcome Laura den Breejen! Laura will join our team as an image retoucher so we are looking forward to a smooth collaboration and beautiful images!


28/01/2022 |

We are getting ready for round two with Bugaboo! We are happy to announce we are starting a second production for the well-known stroller brand and are looking forward to the final results! Check out the user case of the first production, and our other channels for to see the new contenthttps://www.studiozelden.com/cases/bugaboo 

28/01/2022 |

A full service production for Hoya visio where we were able to go above and beyond. Literally setting up environmental portraits with a from-above vision, in a replicated architect agency make up the setting for this unique campaign video. Check out the Hoya Vision usercase for the final results and to see how we did this! https://www.studiozelden.com/cases/hoya 


07/01/2022 |

Welcome to the team junior account manager Stefan! We are very happy with our new addition to the team.

07/01/2022 |

We are expanding our team with a new member. Welcome Mehdi as our account manager. Looking forward to a great collaboration!

03/01/2022 |

Welcome Samantha as motion & graphic designer at Studio Zelden. Keep an eye on our social pages and website for beautiful assets!

17/11/2021 |

Spotted! Our FA21 mixed reality campaign for Nike at the Kalvertstraat Nike store! And our assets can not only be spotted here but anywhere :) from Barcelona to San Francisco and from London to Dubai.

08/11/2021 |

We can give Lotte a warm welcome as the new brand strategist at Studio Zelden. On to many beautiful things, we are looking forward to it!

06/11/2021 |

Starting from November 8 you can admire our latest Praxis production in the Praxis Christmas brochure. We are very curious about the reactions, let us know via our Instagram if you have spotted it. In any case, we are in the good spirit!

22/10/2021 |

Great final photography assets delivered to Hema and you already guessed it.. Spotted! Our assets for Hema are now up in the stores, did you spot them already?

01/10/2021 |

We have two new marketing interns among us Tyra & Andrea. So be alert! Because there is a lot of fun content to expect on the socials.

01/09/2021 |

#HR #SZ Today we welcome our new senior producer Max Kroon to our team. Welcome to the team Max!

31/08/2021 |

Our post-production team is growing with two new interns! Welcome Christel & Sander. 


23/08/2021 |

We have been working hard on the imagery for the Praxis in-store signing. The images we produced will be used on all in-store signing around Praxis stores in the Netherlands.

16/08/2021 |


This week we have been busy with the preparations for the upcoming Bugaboo shoot! During a two week long film production, we're gonna show every side of these stylish and comfortable strollers. Stay tuned for the results!

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