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Its all about the beverages! At Studio Zelden we create drink concepts, recipes and special cocktail recipes for both photography and film. We do full service productions where you can count on us from pre-production, production to post- production and final assets with digital design.  Our liquid experts will create a mouthwatering campaign for your beverage.


Digital Assets


Digital assets give the key-message the campaign needs. our creatives, designers and editors know to catch the essence of every brand and create fun and engaging digital assets.



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Ice cream styling


For ice styling we work with in-house creatives, producers and a variety of freelance talents. We have a lot of experience in creating ice cream concepts, recipes including calorie and recipe breakdowns and visually preparing recipes for photography and film.


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Carte D’or


We produced this finger-licking content for Carte D’or. The campaign shows a variety of delicious desserts from the talented chefs of Unilever food solutions. The content was created to inspire the global gastronomy market. 


Services: Food concepten | Food styling | Ice-cream Styling | Photography | Campaign concept | Animation | Set design | Editing


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For this sweet  campaign we produced content for Breyers new low sugar ice-cream. By mixing fun summer colours with dripping ice-cream, we created these delicious looking assets. 


Services: Food styling | Ice-cream Styling | Photography | Motion content | Set design | Image and motion editing | Full service Mixed Media production



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Soft Republic


Soft Republic is quick, easy and delicious. For this ice cream brand we have created campaign content across all platforms, from social media to shelter displays. 


Services: Food styling | Ice-cream Styling | Photography | Motion content | Set design | Image and motion editing | Fit for format


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