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Loods 5


We support Loods5 with Premium pack shots and lifestyle shoots. For the pack shots we’ve setup an improvement strategy and image guidelines to take their product presentation to the next level, and to maintain the quality with the guidelines. For the lifestyle shoots we take care of the setdesign, set dressing, image productions and editing. The images have a multichannel purpose and are uses on social, in folder, campaigns and on social (always on and paid content)
Services: Image strategy | E-commerce strategy | Packshot optimisation | Fullservice Packshot productions | Full-service Lifestyle image productions | Studio faclities | Image concepts | Setdesign | Setstyling & Setdressing





The team of &Klevering approached us with a few challenges, there was a catch-up to do to produce the images of 6 collections, and we needed to find a way te replace the missed opportunity for them to be at the fairs (due to Covid-19). We’ve setup a full-service photography production including strategy, setdesign and styling for their collection, followed by a full-service film-production to create collection video’s that take the target audience trough their collections and the vibe that belongs to these collections.


Services: Production strategy | Image-ID & Concepts | Setdesign | Full-service Mixed Media Productions | Studio Facilities | Setstyling & Setdressing | Image Editing | Film Editing | Sounddesign | All format asset




Everybody has an Idea by ‘that’ HEMA feeling. We’ve had the task to translate that identity into a vast amount of image productions, from packshot plus, to lifestyle and in-situ images. From e-commerce to (D)OOH and Instore. The versatility of these media placements also had to be combined with a broad range of products. From photo frames to window decoration, and from blankets to homeware. 



Services: Image-ID | Image concepts | Full-service Productions | Campaign shoots | E-commerce shoots | Setdesign | Set styling | Casting | Wardrobe | Photoshoots | Image editing | Image Manipulation




Premium design from a variety of talented designers. Puik has a pretty good taste when it comes to Dutch design classics. Puik selects and coproduces and has a successful portfolio of design pieces that they’ve put on the market. Studio Zelden produces the Always on and the campaign images for Puik. For the always on content we created an efficient monthly setup, the campaign productions are a bit bigger and happen 2-3 times a year.
Services: Image concepts | Set design | Set-dressing & Styling | Campaign productions | Always on content productions | Image editing




For praxis we work on various image productions in which we also create renewed image strategy and image ID. The strategy involves translating the brand identity of Praxis, the current market and the opportunities for strategic content productions. The images are produced for Praxis their magazine. It concerns in-situ images, HERO images and cover images. In addition, the images are also used for other channels such as the website and maillings. We have created a strategy in which we renew the visual identity and use guidelines to determine the do's and don't's for image productions. We have also created guidelines for image relocation and use. In addition, we have created the first set-up of content pillars on which Praxis can build their all future content.


Services: Image ID & Strategy | Production strategy | Image/Content Guidelines | Image concepts | Full service productions | Set of design | Styling | Art direction | Studio facilities | Editing | Creative DTP | Digital assets

Design | YAYA



For Yaya Home Collection we did the full-service atmosphere and campaign production on location. Yaya mainly uses warm colours in its products. We have translated this into the atmospheric images we have created for Yaya through the use of soft colors, natural light and the right styling. This makes the images feel warm and personal, exactly what Yaya stands for.


Services: full-service image production | Image strategy | Location | Mixed Media | Photography | Animation | Fit for format | Styling | Set dressing




Wepa is one of the largest sanitary suppliers in the Netherlands. For their collections: Satino Black and Satino, we have created an image strategy and image concepts that consists of stills and animations. In addition, we took care of the casting, full set design and set décor including wardrobe. For the shoot we designed and built a professional bathroom set-up in our studio.


Services: Image strategy | Models | Mixed Media | Photography | Animations | Fit for format | Styling | Set design


About Studio Zelden and our services

Studio zaandam & amsterdam


Our head office and studio is located in Zaandam. A beautiful building of 770 square meters with offices, flex workplaces and a large studio, just outside Amsterdam. We can put different sets in this studio and we have the space to produce large productions or multiple productions at the same time. The studio is industrial heritage and has beautiful large windows that allow a lot of daylight into the studio. This makes the studio perfect for daylight shoots, for artificial light shoots the studio can be made dark. There is free parking in front of the door.


Amsterdam West, not far from Schiphol airport. The building is 250 square meters and has an atmospheric studio and a meeting room. This location is perfect for smaller set-ups where the warm atmosphere of the studio is desired and is also available for meetings, events and creative sessions.


Setdesign, Setstyling, Propsourcing


We are a full-service production house which means we can support you in concept creation, setdesign, set styling and prop sourcing. Our creatives are experienced in creating concepts and know how to bring them life. We can design and build smaller and bigger sets. We know where and how to source the right props and have a big collection of in-house props.

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Design, Food



Lifestyle photography reflects your Brand ID to your audience and make them engage with the products on set. From concept to realisation, we help to create beautiful lifestyle photography that brings your brand to life.




We produce high-end product photography for all types of products and all brands. Good product photography is an important part of the visuals brand ID. For pack shots and product visuals we focus on premium photography and film for brands that want to do it right. We deliver creative and professional images, focusing on the product's best qualities. The pack shots and product visuals that we produce are used for campaigns and for e-commerce. We will take care of the full-service which includes preparations, crew and editing.

Design, Food



Food is a perfect way to create inspiring in-situ images for interior design and homeware brands. For food styling we work with in-house creatives, producers and varied freelance talents. We have a lot of experience in devising and making food concepts, recipes and ultimately visually preparing dishes for film and photography. In the studio of Zaandam and Amsterdam we have several production kitchens where a complete film set can be built around.

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