About Studio Zelden and our services



Ice comes in all shapes, colours and forms..  A benefit of Studio Zelden is that we can create a recipe, style the food and create a show stopping campaign in-house. Our ice experts will make your ice cream look mouthwatering good.  

Digital assets


Digital assets give the key-message the campaign needs. our creatives, designers and editors know to catch the essence of every brand and create fun and engaging digital assets.


Mixed Media


Many deliverables and digital assets we create or produce are a combination of several technical approaches.

It starts with the concept and the goal of the campaign/visuals. Mixed media could be we use photography in combination with motion design, or it could be we use film, CGI and compositing to realise what we need.

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We did a magic campaign for Lipton Australia. The campaign focused on introducing the Lipton Plant Power hydration products.We created the key visuals as well as a TVC that were shown all over Australia! 


Services: Full-service productie |Beverage styling | photography | Film | CGI & Mixed media | Compositing | Motion design | Post-productie



A delicious and fresh campaign for Fevertree with fun visuals and a beautifully designed flavourwheel that shows you the best combinations for a gin and tonic. The campaign was shown all over England, Australia and the USA. 


Services: Full-service productie | Food&Beverage styling | Fotografie | Film | CGI & Mixed media | Compositing | Motion design | Post-productie