About Studio Zelden and our services 



We have two studio's where we can develop and produce a film production from A-Z. Our creative producers have an eye for developing the right concept for your brand and realising this concept in a full-service film production. Post-production and editing can be taken care of by our in-house editors. They know how to put everything together and create the perfect final asset. With the right timing, audio and music we can create a story and strengthen the feel of your brand in the film.  



For deliverables and digital assets that we produce we can combine several technical approached for the best result. This can be a mix between photography and film with a digital alement like CGI or 3D. The use of mixed media can give a campaign or a visual some extra power. Our in-house creatives will start with developing a concept and explore if it’s possible in (for example) full film, full CGI or if it needs to be in between. It’s a combination of creative requirements, budget and timing that will lead to the route we choose together with you and your team.

photography productions


Studio Zelden is a versatile, full-service productionhouse with experience in producing photography productions from A-Z. It starts with the creation of a concept that fits your brand. Our in-house creatives now how to work efficiently, during the production they will check the process and results to make sure as little as possible has to be changed in post production. Our editors will take care of of creating a qualitatively strong image. They do this by, for example, amplifying the light and straightening the perspectives. They make sure the assets are delivered to you in the right file, crop and size so that all the deliverables are fit for format and ready to use.

Some of the brands and clients we work for