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  • Behind the scenes | candy floss set
  • Behind the scenes | teal set
  • Sketch set-design
  • Demonstratie kinderwagen hobbelige ondergrond

Set-design & set-building


For this production we designed and built 3 different sets with the help of our in-house team. The 3 themes were: teal, candy floss and tangerine. Creativity was fully deployed to bring the sets to life and create the perfect decors. From cheesecloths on the walls to vinyl floors. To properly represent all facets of the strollers, we conducted test drives on challenging, selfmade surfaces.

  • Behind the scenes| Peuter wagen
  • Behind the scenes | Baby

model casting


It was important to Bugaboo that the cast was based on reality: real babies and real parents! With our in-house casting capabilities and network, we have put together a diverse cast, including babies and toddlers! Shoots with babies and toddlers can be challenging, so we ensure that the right preparations are taken in order to make everything run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. In this case a play corner in the middle of the studio, and an in-house product training with the parents for demonstrating the strollers.

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