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Building brand image

Image in the shape of photography and film makes your brand or product stronger. With unity, professionalism and the right look & feel, your content communicates exactly what you want to convey. This visual identity ensures recognisability, brand and product positioning and gives your branding the boost you are looking for. And that is exactly what we are good at.

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Studio Zelden: concept makers and full-service image producers

Studio Zelden is a fresh creative content agency and a full-service production house. We create high-quality content for advertising agencies, brands and e-commerce. We produce photography and film in our own studio in Amsterdam of 250m2 and on location wherever you like. Our productions are full-service productions: we can include concept, location, brand, styling and model sourcing. Only outsource parts of the production? No problem, Studio Zelden relieves your needs.

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Creatives & In-house crew: endless possibilities

Studio Zelden conceives concept, branding, visual-ID and produces film and photography for commercial purposes. With our own team of creatives and an in-house crew, the possibilities are endless. And very nice: Studio Zelden Amsterdam is easy to reach. The studio is located near the A9, A10 and A4 and from Schiphol it is only a 10 minute drive. Visitors and crew can park for free in front of the studio. Even easier: We also shoot on location and will come by with our mobile studio and local crew.