Production House

In the past 15 years Studio Zelden has grown from small-scale production house into a full-service creative production agency. We take care of creative projects, offering full-scope production services in film, photography, mixed media, CGI and more.
Tons of workspace
Studio Zelden has over 1300 square meters of workspace, allowing us to create any production imaginable. The studio has a separate art-department and studio with enough workspace to shoot multiple productions simultaneously. We also have a loading/unloading area for trucks and free parking for anyone visiting the Studio.
The Studio Zelden DNA

At Studio Zelden we believe in efficiency, transparency and teamwork. Our talented team of digital experts consists of directors, producers, creatives, editors as well as experienced freelancers. Having a creative agency and production house in one is what helps us keep production processes perfectly aligned. Scroll down this page to check out our projects with brands such as Nike, Philips and Bolsius.

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Full-service creative production house

We are Studio Zelden

Studio Zelden is a full-service creative production agency. You can count on us from concept creation to translating these inspiring concepts and ideas into strong imagery. Whether you need strategic assistance or creative guidance, we can help.
Campaigns and creative concepts
With our campaign- and creative concepts, we propose three creative routes, of which one you choose. This route becomes the creative briefing for production (which we can execute as well). We write copy and tone of voice, sketch concepts, create storyboards, and everything that's needed to create a complete creative deck, for production and execution.
Creative partner
As your creative partner, we are responsible for the continuous creative production work for your company, brand, or division. We will be your integrated partner that is involved in upcoming plans, are proactive about the next priorities and opportunities, and will support you with protecting and managing your brand's creative output and values.
Content strategy and execution
With our content strategy, we provide identity and clarity in your content plan. We first propose several creative routes for you to choose. We work out the content pillars, post concepts, tone of voice, the content mix (variety in posts), social activation ideas, and social AD concepts. From there on we work towards the content productions where we produce the created concepts and deliver the final assets, ready to use in your socials.
Production house
Having our own production house, directors, creatives, producers and a digital/post-production team is an absolute benefit to have as a creative agency. This is why we say we are a creative production agency. Having everything under one roof gives full transparency in cost setups, communication lines, and in project management. We are specialists in all types of productions, from photo to film and from 2D/3D/CGI to mixed media productions.