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We are experienced in most fields and combinations where 3D and CGI can be applied. Have a look at our services, tools we use, and portfolio!


Photorealistic product and packshot modelling, 3D animation, explode views, mixed reality productions (CGI/Film, CGI/Photo), character design, NFT productions, full service 3D/CGI video productions, 3D/CGI support for movies/animations/very big productions.

Tools & skils

Cinema4D, Houdini, After Effects, Blender, Octane, Substance Painter, Xparticles, TurbulenceDF, Marvelous

Our work

Our cases


Mixed Media production & Influencer campaign

Creative production agency for CGI & 3D content.

We are Studio Zelden

We are specialised in content and campaigns for brands, from product explainers to brand campaigns. On a daily basis, we are facing the rapidly changing world of media and content, and every day we are adapting to the latest trends and technologies. We support your brand's goals and challenges by solving today's content puzzles. We translate your big idea or campaign goal into a working creative production.

Creative and concept phase

Every production starts with a creative and concept phase, where we usually start with the concept art scenery creation and clay models. In cases of animated productions, we add scriptwriting, storyboards, and animatics. The milestones during the creative phase will be revised and get approved to be locked in the creative phase to have the right foundation to start the production process.

Character design and storytelling
We enjoy building and developing characters and sceneries, whilst writing the creative story revolving around the character or world. We are experienced with creating character sets for computer games to animation films and creative writing for brands from Nike to Nickelodeon.
3D and CGI production
After the creative and concepts phase, where we lock essential elements such as the concept, scenery, and storyboard, we proceed with the details. The rendering process will take up more time as textures, characters, and sceneries get more and more detailed. Our production process is guided by our experienced directors, creatives, and producers. When the final renders are approved we can go into post-production, where we complete the final edit and add the elements such as colour grading, special effects, sound design, voice-over, and more.
Mixed reality
Many of our 3D/CGI productions have a mixed reality focus. This way the 3D elements we produce, are used in our film and photographic assets. To create a world and situations that are just not possible in reality. Mixed reality productions are highly technical and risk-sensitive. We have the right experience, skills, and team to make it work.