dance off


Dico and Poppers Dance Off. Following the TikTok trend Nike characters Dico and Popper get to show off their dance moves in this epic dance off. Using TikTok transitions they can show three sets of clothing. 

Fresh kicks


This is the second story we produced for Nike, meet Laces! Laces is an absolute sneakerhead, showing his favourite sneakers out of the collection. This story was a mixed-media production. For example the shoes in in the closet are real, but the shoes that Laces is showing were created with 3D.

gym ready race ready


For the third story the Nike characters are seen in multiple fun places around the city where they can prove what they got and show their coolest tricks. 


Bags & Backpacks


The Nike characters are ready to go back to school! They're going into the new year dancing, kicking and jumping all while showing their favourite bags & backpacks. 

Nike BTS



Bekijk hier hoe onze final assets zijn verwerkt in de NIKE store en etalage!

Nike fresh kicks

Partners en Credits


Client: Nike

Full service Production: Studio Zelden

3D / CGI Partner: Mitsi Studio

Director: Bastiaan van Ederen

Art direction Nike:  Ben Oosterkerk + Nike Brand Creative Team

Character Creator: Colin Ozawa

Co-Director (Plates): Huub Lensvelt

Producer (Plates): Annette Putman

DOP ( Plates): Milan Amzic

Facial animations: Phunk Animation Studio

Setdressing: Dana Horeman & Sophie Draper

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