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Campaign mechanism


The approach was to boost the Stan Smith Durability campaign locally for extra local relevance. There is nothing better than a local inspiring role model, with a proper fanbase, to share the story of the environmental importance of durability. The campaign has been released on Jessie’s instagram feed and instagram stories, and the (D)OOH placements in the Netherlands.

  • behind the scenes, jessie jazz, adidas, stan smith,
  • behind the scenes, jessie jazz, adidas, stan smith,

Production Approach


Shot on a Red Helium 8K in our Amsterdam studio, a skeleton crew (Director, DOP, Focus puller/First AC and Gaffer). We have build the set with our in-house team based on empty bottles and the Stan Smith shoes, shaping a carrousel around Jessie.

Final Film asset


The final film asset is a 15’’ 16:9 including motion graphics and sound design.
We have also made 10’’ en 6’’ cutdowns as well as 1:1 and 9:16 adaptations.


Key visual 


The Key visual is used for OOH placement and is a clean translation from the AV assets. Completely in the Stan Smith brand ID.

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