The introduction film


Starting off the platform with an introduction film, a full 3D and CGI production starts off in a typical dutch landscape, taking you by the Papendal over the Dejime bridge into parts of Japan. From the Dejima bridge onto Dejima island, from modern Tokyo to the iconic Mount Fuji all the way around, ending in the final view of the interactive map.


The Dejima Map



Dejima island is a part of the Dutch-Japanese trading history, this was the base of the concept of the interactive map. Iconic elements like the Shinkansen train, the dutch dunes and tulip fields, the Dejima bridge, Tokyo Tower, Mount Fuji and The Emperors Palace. This is the setting for the Team NL Toyo Expo. A beautiful map on itself, made interactive for its purpose.


The Innovation Parade


A digital exhibition to show and celebrate inspiring Dutch-Japanese partnerships on smart solutions to global challenges. A beautiful mini-website where we created a digital book and integrated and animated unique illustrations, fitting to each chapter and topic.

The Papendal Pavilion


The Papendal Pavillion is the event location of the platform. On the platform you can see the Agenda of all upcoming events, in the agenda you subscribe for events. Once subscribed you can enter the live event through the Papendal pavilion. Pop up notifications and an email notification will appear to inform and remind you about the upcoming event.

  • tokyo interactive map
  • tokyo interactive map
  • tokyo interactive map
  • tokyo interactive map
  • tokyo interactive map
  • tokyo interactive map
  • tokyo interactive map

The Full Scope


The full scope is a platform that replaced the physical olympic village in times of Covid. Due to the circumstances it creates an opportunity to make more use of the digital and interactive possibilities, connecting companies and people through an event like the Olympics, connecting them through the platform and in inspiring online events. Needless to say these solutions have a great added value to an event and the opportunities for networking, inspiring talks and showcases, and business, also when Covid wouldn’t be limiting our physical freedom anymore. Also due to climate change and logistic efficiency we are forced to become more and more creative to work and inspire each other on a global level. With governments, embassies, companies and innovators. Platforms like this can be a piece of the solution to keep connecting in the modern world.

Partners and credits


Strategic Agency: Sinc
Full Service Production: Studio Zelden
Strategy director: Olivier Lisman
Art Director: Simon Phillipson
Director: Bastiaan van Ederen
3D and CGI: Mitsi Studio
Interactive: Wij Doen Dingen


Some of the brands and clients we work for