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CGI & 3D Studio



What cannot be done with film or photography, we do in CGI and 3D. Our CGI and 3D studio has experience with texturing and modeling of the most diverse scenes, materials and situations. From character design to liquids and from mountain landscapes to explode views.



Mixed Media


Much of the content and digital assets that we create or produce are a combination of different technical approaches. It starts with the concept and purpose of the campaign / visuals. Mixed Media can be a combination of photography and motion design or a production where we use film, CGI and compositing to produce the desired result.


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Digital assets & Digital design


Digital assets provide the key message that the campaign needs. Our creatives, designers and editors know how to come up with and create catchy and fun assets for every brand and campaign.



Full service film productions


Studio Zelden provides full service film productions from creation and storyboards to pre-production, production and post / editing. Our in-house setup creates short lines between creation and production and ensures efficient production.


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A variety of animations that we have created and produced for HEMA on various productions. Used for HEMA's Dutch and foreign social campaigns Services: Full-service productions | Image concept | Photography | Mixed Media animations |


Carlijn Q


Nice playful animations for a social campaign of the children's clothing brand Carlijn Q.Services: Full-service production | Image concept | Photography | Digital Illustration | Paper / Stopmotion animation




Share Natur is a young CBD brand with great ambitions. For Share Natur we have done the image creation and image production for online content, website and campaigns. Some of these were short motion animations for sales or engaging content.


Services: Full-service production | Photography | Mixed Media | Stop Motion Animation | Motion Graphics


Huls Droge worst


For Hulls and Dear Amsterdam we produced a set of content images including motion content. A lean & mean shoot for some nice posts.


Services: Full-service production | Photography | Mixed Media | Stop Motion Animation | Digital assets



Some of the brands and clients we work for