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About Studio Zelden and our services

Film, Camera

Full service film productions


Our full-service setup is based on the in-house team with creatives, directors, (creative) producers and an in-house edit team. The experience of this team lies in film productions, but also in mixed media, CGI / 3D productions.


Film, BTS

In-House setup


We have a large part of the gear that we use for our productions in-house.That saves time and costs when compiling the gearlists. We usually work with Arri or Red or Phantom cameras (just what is needed for the job, we have our own Red Helium8K) and have our own set of Arri lamps and grip.



Studio Zaandam & Amsterdam | Totaal 1000m2 creative production space


Our head office and studio is located in Zaandam. A beautiful building of 770 square meters with offices, flex workplaces and a large studio, just outside Amsterdam. We can put different sets in this studio and we have the space to produce large productions or multiple productions at the same time. The studio is industrial heritage and has beautiful large windows that allow a lot of daylight into the studio. This makes the studio perfect for daylight shoots, for artificial light shoots the studio can be made dark. There is free parking in front of the door.


Amsterdam West, not far from Schiphol airport. The building is 250 square meters and has an atmospheric studio and a meeting room. This location is perfect for smaller set-ups where the warm atmosphere of the studio is desired and is also available for meetings, events and creative sessions.






Setdesign, Setstyling, Propsourcing


Many productions take care of from concept, including set design and pre-production. Our creatives have experience with sets of concepts and work out and know how to realize these. We can design and build small to large sets. We know how and where to source the right props for every style and brand. We have a large collection and storage for in-house props that can also be used for productions.


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Mixed Media


We have many options for creating the right content, because we apply different technical approaches to create our content and digital assets. It starts with the concept and purpose of the campaign / visuals. Mixed media can be a combination of photography and motion design, for example. With our talented creatives in house, we can produce the right assets from a-z.


Customers: Fevertree | Adidas | World of Tanks | Hellmans | Lipton | Share Natur | Swapfiets 


3D / CGI


We are a full-service production house and creative agency, enabling us to produce all kinds of CGI and 3D assets. From campaign assets to film assets and other required business assets. We can support your CGI / 3D project well, because we know where to find the right talent for our assignments. In this way we are able to support your CGI / 3D project from start to finish.


Projects we have worked on: Coriaceus Space Suit | War toys | North Wave Security | Adidas | City of The Hague | Swapfiets | World of Tanks | Hellmans | Lipton


Digital Assets


Together with creative DTP and creative digital design, we devise and produce the best digital assets based on briefing and Brand ID. We can create digital assets from an image that we have produced ourselves, but also from a beautiful existing image from the brand portfolio. All digital assets and creative DTP assets are delivered in the correct format, so that they are immediately used on the web and socials.


Brands we have worked with: Fevertree | Share Natur | Hellmann's | Soft Republic | Teeez


User cases | Full service film production | Studio Zelden



A campaign for Mediacom en adidas with only 3.5 weeks between the start of the project and the delivery of the final assets. The set up of the social campaign is an influencer campaign with Kalvijn (1M followers). The campaign had a local set up and was shown in Amsterdam.


Services: VFX and Creative Direction | Full-service setup & direction | Full film crew & gear | Post-Production | Editing | Grading | VFX | 3D | CGI | Compositing | Soundmixing | Grading | Asset adaptation






The focus of this campaign for Lipton Australia is on introducing the Lipton Plant Power Hydration products. Studio Zelden produced the TVC and the key visuals.


Services: Full-service production | Set design | Wardrobe | Casting | Beverage styling | Film production | Full film crew & gear | CGI & Mixed media | VFX | Compositing | Motion design | Sound design


& Klevering


& Klevering is a household name in Amsterdam and far beyond. By means of a good image strategy and beautiful atmospheric images, we have brought the & K collection to life.


Services: Set design | Art-Direction | Film-Production | Full film crew & gear | Editing | Could grading | Sound design


Ferrari 250 GTO


At Studio Zelden we are experienced in automotive and mobility productions. For automotive productions we work with several D.O.P's. For this production for Ferrari we worked with D.O.P Robert Alblas. 


Services: Campaign & Visual concepts | Full- service Creative | Full-service Production | Film production | Location set-up | Post production



For adidas and Mediacom we produced this D(OOH) campaign. Up until this year, the iconic Stan Smith design has remained fundamentally unchanged for over half a century. Adidas is now ushering in a new era for the Stan Smith, an era that’s focused on helping to End Plastic Waste. To celebrate this historic moment in the brand’s journey towards more sustainability, adidas launched the Stan Smith forever campaign. For this campaign we worked with model and influencer Jessie Jazz Vuijk (300k followers). The D(OOH) campaign had a local set up. 


Services:  Full service production | Creative Direction | Full-service setup & direction | Full film crew & gear | Post-Productie | Editing | Fit for format 



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