Film Productions

We are a full service creative production agency for film productions, we create and produce film and motion content for brands.
Reliable Creative Partner
We are experienced, well-organised, reliable, and transparent. We are used to big and small productions and everything in between.
Full Service
You can on us for every possible step in creative, pre-production, production, and post-production.

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    Foot Locker

    Metaverse campaign | Mixed Reality production


    Mixed Media production & Influencer campaign

    Creative production agency for film and film productions

    We are Studio Zelden

    We are specialised in content and campaigns for brands, from product explainers to brand campaigns. On a daily basis, we are facing the rapidly changing world of media and content, and every day we are adapting to the latest trends and technologies. We support your brand's goals and challenges by solving today's content puzzles. We translate your big idea or campaign goal into a working creative production.
    Creative and pre-production
    We are creatives and versatile storytellers. We are experienced in creating concepts, writing scripts, and creating storyboards for film productions. For the preproduction, we are used to taking care of all elements such as set design or location sourcing, casting, styling, and set dressing, everything you can think of to prepare for the production.
    Production and post-production
    Crew, gear, studio, locations, you name it, we got you covered. Directors, producers? Also. Catering? As well! We are a full-service production agency, so we really can take care of each step. Also for the post-production, we can take care of the offline and offline edit, VFX, but also elements like colour grading, sound design, and voice-over.
    Team Selection
    For each project, we propose a top selection (e.g. Directors, DOPs, specific talent, or stylists) for the team that creatively fits best with the idea and style of the brand and the production. The selection of talents will become an integrated part of our production and in-house team.
    Creative agency
    As a creative agency, we support brands with creating campaigns, content, and full-scope creative work. We give direction and create a vision to translate your brand's creative needs and goals into successful campaigns