Swapfiets, Bike
Swapfiets, Bike
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Swapfiets, BTS
Swapfiets, BTS
Swapfiets, BTS




For Swapfiets we've worked on multiple projects. For their new campaign we have worked on an image-strategy and concepts. The new campaign is a fully CGI.  The aim of the campaign is to visualise the circularity of Swapfiets through imagery.   



Mixed Media can be a combination of photography and motion design or a production where we use film, CGI and compositing to create the the best results. For Swapfiets we did a full-service mixed media production for which we've created both motion assets and stills. 


Services: Fullservice production | Mixed Media | Image strategy | Image concepts | Editing | Post production

cgi packshots


For Swapfiets we have produced packshots using only CGI and 3D modelling.  The packshots are photorealistic but are completely computer generated.

assets in use


The assets we have produced for Swapfiets are being used on all online platforms, both socials and web. The assets are being used on not only the Dutch Swapfiets platforms but also on all their international accounts and websites.

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