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About Studio Zelden and our services

Packshots t/m lifestyle | Which type of image makes the difference?


Studio Zelden is the right partner for a premium approach on packshots. But next to packshots there are extra options that might be essential for you to consider. Packshot plus is a normal packshot plus a bit extra, with a nice background or a small prop for minimal styling. After packshot+ you can choose for In Situ images or Lifestyle images for your campaign, content and website-banners. These are focuses on the soul, habitat and world around your brand/product and your customer. Images with hands (or full models), in the kitchen, or a cozy party situation inside or outside to engage with your audience that will reflect the feeling of your brand-position. We can supply al these types of productions, from concept to production and editing with photography and film productions.



Our main studio is located in Zaandam, it is a beautiful 770 square building with offices, work spaces and a studio just outside of Amsterdam. In the studio we can create a wide variety of set-ups for bigger and smaller productions. The space also allows us to run multiple productions at the same time. The beautiful windows let in a lot of daylight which makes the studio perfect for daylight shoots.


Other portfolio’s that you might like:

Flatlay, Photography



Lifestyle photography have the best beautiful set-ups and show the identity of your brand to the world. Lifestyle images makes your customers engage with the products on the set.


Tabletop, Creative



Flatylay photography can be used in every production and in many forms and varieties. We can give your products a minimalistic and clean look, or make it look extravagant and luxurious. With creative production we can transform your product into a piece of art.


Digital Assets, Creative Agency

digital assets


At Studio Zelden, with creative DTP and creative digital design, we devise and produce the best digital assets based on briefing and brand ID. We can make digital assets from images that we have produced ourselves and from beautiful existing images from the brand portfolio. We can also support with image research and image procurement. All digital assets and creative DTP assets are delivered ready to post and fit for format. This way, they can be directly used on web and socials. In addition, we are used to making adaptations so that it can be posted on the most diverse mediums.




Within CGI and 3D animation we can create the world the way you see it! Nothing is too crazy and everything is possible with us! From infographic videos to photorealistic visuals. Our award winning CGI team has no limitations in creating artwork and visuals for your brand. For example, they can make the most beautiful combinations of film and photography with CGI and 3D. The combination of techniques allows us to create a campaign that includes exactly what the brand needs. An advantage of Studio Zelden is that we are a full-service production house and creative agency. This means that we can support your CGI/3D project from start to finish, but also that we can produce all kinds of CGI and 3D assets. From campaign assets to film assets and other necessary business assets.


Puik, Design

Creative and strategic agency


As a creative agency, we work directly with different brands, but also as an addition to other agencies. We help you come up with the big idea, strategy projects and creative concepts. For example, we work on various content productions to visualize the brand's USPs in product-based content. Prior to these productions, our mission is to translate the brand's brand ID into branded product-based content and a content campaign that showcases the brand's strengths. 


User cases | Creative packshot photography studio| Studio Zelden

Noosh, Product

NOOSH by Anna Nooshin


For Anna Nooshin’s brand NOOSH we’ve produced packshots that make the products look fresh and clean.

Praxis, Product



For Praxis we’ve worked on improving their product photography to fit their Brand-ID and the way they want to present themselves to their customers. The photography makes the products look modern, minimalistic and clean.

Loods5, Design

Loods 5


For Loods5, we are engaged in the image optimization of product photography for multichannel ecommerce photography, ensuring that the online product experience is optimized. By providing high quality product photography while strengthening the materials and designs, we ensure that the customer experiences and feels the product as well as possible in an online environment.




For Naïf we took care of optimising their existing product photography. Through optimisation we were able to give the product photography the premium look and feel that suits the identity of the Brand.

Some of the brands and clients we work for