About Studio Zelden and our services

Digital Assets 


Digital assets are assets we produce in post production. All assets have a digital design. Digital assets can be both still and motion assets. These assets will give your production the little extra it needs. Our creatives, designers and editors know how to catch the essence of every brand and create fun and engaging digital assets.


Mixed Media 


Many of the productions we do are a combination of two or more technical approaches. We are specialised in combining film and photography with CGI and 3D. The combination of approaches allows us to create exactly what your brand needs.


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Gaming Visuals, Gaming Content en Character Design Studio


We can create any visual your brand is dreaming of. Worlds, characters and game design, sky is the limit. We know where to find the experts and talent to create the gaming assets or campaign that your brand is looking for. 


Visualising mobility


We have some great mobility projects in our portfolio.Most of our mobility projects have been a combination of creative strategy and visually translating the key-message of the product/brand. We elevate your brand with campaign- and content concepts and strong visual productions.


User cases | Creative CGI / 3D content studio | Studio Zelden



These landscaped were made with different types of terrain-generating plugins/programs
We picked very different types of terrain to experiment with the available options within these
types of software. We added weather elements to give it a bit more dynamics and added audio
to support the weathering effects and make it come more to life.




Carpio Coriaceus: Latin name for "Leather carp". This new spacesuit is based on a leather carp.
The carp is known for its living behavior on the bottom, these tasks will soon be performed by astronauts on Mars.
The fibers on the suit have the same structure as the fish skin, and the design of the helmet also finds visual similarities with the carp.





Mixed Media influencer campaign  we did with dutch influencer Kalvijn (1 mln followers) for adidas and Mediacom. With a filmproduction created in our studio in Zaandam as the base we have filled these visuals with CGI/3D objects to really bring the bouncy and squeeky world of adidas ZX to life. Studio Zelden was able to facilitate this full-service production in a short time frame ( 5-6 weeks from start to release to media).


Services: VFX and Creative Direction | Full-service setup & direction | Full film-crew & gear | Post-Production | Editing | Grading | VFX | 3D | CGI | Compositing | Soundmixing | Grading | Asset adaptation

Den Haag, Stad aan zee


This animation tells the story of Neptune, the god of the water and the sea. He walks the road between The Hague and Scheveningen and shows us that The Hague is indeed a city by the sea.The theme "Feest aan Zee" is an event that Neptunus would like to attend.
Along the way, Neptunus will encounter many typical Hague sights and the viewer will also get a touch of The Hague common sense.


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