2D & 3D Animation

Studio Zelden is a full-service creative production agency, producing a wide variety of 2D, 3D and CGI content. From technical production explainer animations to photorealistic 2D design: we are your one-stop shop creative partner for any creative production.
Animation services
With years of experience in both 2D & 3D animation, Studio Zelden is able to design any animation your brand might need. Other services Studio Zelden specializes in include the mixing of 2D & 3D with other digital assets and detailed 3D modeling and texturing.
Full-scope projects
Our talented team of digital artists is skilled in translating a unique concept into a full-scope creative production. This includes services such as concepting, scripting and storyboarding. Having a creative agency and production house in one is what helps us keep production processes perfectly aligned, making sure to guide the client through projects smoothly.

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    Mixed Media production & Influencer campaign

    Creative production agency for animated content.

    We are Studio Zelden

    On a daily basis, we are facing the rapidly changing world of media and content, and every day we are adapting to the latest trends and technologies. We support your brand's goals and challenges by solving today's communication puzzles.
    Creative and concept phase
    Every production starts with a creative and concept phase, where we usually start with concept art, scriptwriting, scenery development, and clay models, storyboards, and animatics. The milestones during the creative phase will be revised and get approved to be locked in the creative phase to have the right foundation to start the production process.
    2D, CGI & 3D, Stopmotion
    We have the in-house skills and techniques for all types of animated productions. Our directors, creatives, and producers have experience with 2D animation, CGI/3D, and stop-motion. We have our own studio and digital department and have a beautiful shotlist of talented artists that can join forces with our team.
    Creative agency
    As a creative agency, we support brands with creating campaigns, content, and full-scope creative work. We give direction and create a vision to translate your brand's creative needs and goals into successful campaigns. We also supply strategy services like brand - content- or campaign strategy.
    Creative partner
    As your creative partner we are responsible for the continuous creative, and creative production work for your company, brand, or division. We will be your integrated partner that is involved in upcoming plans, are proactive about the next priorities and opportunities, and will support you with protecting and managing your brands' creative output and values.