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Studio & facilities


Our main facility is located in Zaandam, a beautiful 770 square meter studio just outside of Amsterdam. In this space a wide variety of set-ups can be created. Our second studio is located in the west side of Amsterdam, close to our main airport. This 250 square meter space is the little sister of our Zaandam location. It is perfect for smaller set-ups and also available for events and gatherings. Both locations have free parking spaces in front of the studio. Also the studios are set up with enough flexible office spaces to give room for clients, freelancers and creatives. 

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On location


We love working in our studio's, but just as easily prepare a set on an outside location. From formal offices to botanical gardens, we can find you the perfect set-up. We provide locations sourcing, styling, set-dressing and crew-sourcing and will make sure the location is just like you imagined. Or even better. 



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Both our studio's are set up with professional kitchens with top of the line equipment. The kitchens are i.a. set up with a stove, oven, fridge, freezer and of course enough preparation space. All the necessary tools are provided on set, from cooling systems to the proper utensils. 
We also have a big and varied collection of tableware and glassware, and are always prepared to source all the perfect items for your shoot. 




In house we have all the necessary equipment and gear to create the best possible results. We are set up will a big amount of set dressing, design and decor.  On set we have multiple Arri lamps and for our film productions we work with a Red Helium camera. We have four post-production sets which include the Avid solutions, post production flow. This combined with our complete grading set up and edit booths result in the most efficient production processes.