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Studio Zelden, Gear, About us

Our creative production spaces

Studio Amsterdam

Zaandam | Creative production space


Our main facility is located in Zaandam, a beautiful location of 770 square meters with offices, workplaces and a studio just outside Amsterdam. Both studios are set up with a large amount of set dressing, design and décor. In this space, a wide range of setups can be created. The space also allows us to perform multiple productions at the same time. The beautiful windows let in plenty of daylight, making the studio perfect for daylight shooting. For shoots with artificial lighting, the studio can be easily transformed. The studio in Zaandam is equipped with professional kitchens with top appliances. The studio is equipped with a double chef's kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a stove, oven, fridge, freezer and of course sufficient preparation space. There is enough space for two chefs or creatives to work comfortably. If necessary, a film set can be set up around the kitchen.

Studio Amsterdam

Amsterdam | Creative production space


Our second studio is located on the west side of Amsterdam, close to our main airport. This 250-square-metre space includes a studio and a meeting room. It is perfect for smaller setups that match the warm atmosphere of the studio. This space is also available for events and meetings. Both locations have free parking spaces in front of the studio. The studios are also equipped with enough flexible office spaces to give space to clients, freelancers and creatives. The studio in Amsterdam has a cozy setup that gives the kitchen a homely feeling. This kitchen is also equipped with a professional stove, oven, refrigerator, freezer and sufficient preparation space. Kitchen appliances can be arranged per project. We also have a large and varied collection of crockery and glassware, and are always willing to buy the perfect items for your shoot. In addition, we have all the necessary equipment and equipment in-house to create the best possible results. On set we have several Arri lamps for our film productions and we work with a Red Helium camera.


our clients and brands


We work for agencies as well as directly for brands. These can be small or large agencies or brands. The key words we believe in are: growing together, trust and a solid and durable partnership regarding rates and the time needed for a production. We have the best intentions for your brand and know when a brand grows,our partnership grows simultaneously. We believe in good vibes and a healthy work spirit and we make the magic happen. Through this attitude we deliver quality that is necessary for a strong and creative strategy, strategic marketing and productions. We have already worked for many fantastic brands, and would love to take the next step for your brand!

Other portfolio pages

Mixed media


When we produce mixed media, it always starts with the concept and purpose of the campaign/visuals. Many of our content and digital assets that we create or produce are a combination of different technical approaches. For example, based on a film production in our studio Zaandam, we can fill in images with CGI/3D objects. It can also be a combination of photography and motion design. We can produce these assets from a-z, because we have the right talent for the use of all kinds of specific techniques.



3D & CGI Studio


An advantage of Studio Zelden is that we are a full-service production house and a creative agency. This means that our award winning CGI team can create a world that you see in front of you. They have no limitations in creating and producing artwork and visuals for your brand. Everything is possible, from photorealistic visuals to infographic videos and impressive 3D animations. We are able to produce all kinds of CGI and 3D assets. From campaign assets to film assets and other necessary business assets.


Film productions


Together with a team of creatives, directors, producers and an in-house editing team, we can develop a full-service film production. From smaller clips to a larger commercial ad. Nothing is too crazy and we like to challenge ourselves. We develop the concept and pre-production and are able to produce the entire production and high-end image editing.


Fotografie, meubels

photography productions


We are a versatile, full-service production house and are experienced in setting up photography productions from A to Z. We have in-house creatives and strategists who create an efficient way of working and strategic creative approach. In addition, we also have a whole set of in-house equipment and props. The in-house art directors and creative producers are experienced in guiding the project and ensure that everything runs smoothly, all the way to the final asset.


Digital assets & Digital design


At Studio Zelden, we create and produce the best digital design and creative DTP based on briefing and brand ID. We can make our own digital assets from images that we have produced ourselves, but also from a beautiful existing image from the brand portfolio. All digital assets and creative DTP assets are delivered in the right format and ready to post. This way they can be directly used on web and socials.



Some of the brands and clients we work for