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Studio & facilities


Our main facility is located in Zaandam, a beautiful 770 square meter location with offices, work spaces and a studio just outside of Amsterdam. In this space a wide variety of set-ups can be created, the space also allows us to run multiple productions at the same time. The beautiful windows let in a lot of daylight which makes the studio perfect for daylight shoots. For shoots with artificial lighting the studio can be transformed easily. Our second studio is located in the west side of Amsterdam, close to our main airport. This 250 square meter space includes a studio and a meeting room. It is perfect for smaller set-ups that fit the warm atmosphere of the studio. This space is  also available for events and gatherings. Both locations have free parking spaces in front of the studio. Also the studios are set up with enough flexible office spaces to give room for clients, freelancers and creatives. 

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Both our studio's are set up with professional kitchens with top of the line equipment. The studio in Zaandam is equipped with a double chefs kitchen. Both kitchens are i.a. set up with a stove, oven, fridge, freezer and of course enough preparation space. There's enough space for two chefs or foodcreatives to work comfortably. When needed, a film set can be set up around the kitchen. The studio in Amsterdam has a cozy set up which gives the kitchen a homey feeling. This kitchen is also equipped with a professional stove, oven, fridge, freezer and enough preparation space. Kitchen appliances can be arranged per project. 

We also have a big and varied collection of tableware and glassware, and are always prepared to source all the perfect items for your shoot. 


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agency services 


From experienced we have learned that often theres a need for supporting agency services. Through offering these services we can be a strategic partner for setting up and creating strategies, concepts and campaigns. 


Services: Content strategie, Image-ID, media strategie, content planning, creatieve consults, media planning, beeld concepten, food-concepten, recipe creation, art-direction, storyboards en scripts.


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In house we have all the necessary equipment and gear to create the best possible results. We are set up will a big amount of set dressing, design and decor.  On set we have multiple Arri lamps and for our film productions we work with a Red Helium camera. We have four post-production sets which include the Avid solutions, post production flow. This combined with our complete grading set up and edit booths result in the most efficient production processes. 



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We offer the following pre-production services Test-shoots, pre-lighting, castings, wardrobe, prop-sourcing, location sourcing, styling, set-dressing, crew sourcing and set design. We always work with the same in-house team but source crew and talent per project based on the type of production.



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We offer the following production services; Photography, film, CGI, 3D animation, mixed media, artwork & design, foodstyling, setdressing, special effects, studio shoots, location shoots, gear, grip, and equipment. We always work with the same in-house team but source crew and talent per project based on the type of production.

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We offer the following post-production services: Image retouching and editing, special effects, film-grading, film- editing, CGI, 3D, fit for format. We always work with the same in-house team but source crew and talent per project based on the type of production.