Digital Design

Studio Zelden breathes and lives digital design. From brandbooks and visual identities to landing pages and banner-sets: creating premium quality design is always at the core of our agency.
Creative Design
At the center of our digital design process is aesthetics, creativity and detail. Our team of graphic designers always makes sure that design resonates with the brand identity and message of the client.
Digital design as a tool
Digital design is an integrated part of our daily work. Not only do we see digital design as an asset type in itself, but also as a tool to finalize other digital assets, such as photographs, animations or videos. In addition to digital design, we are also experienced in creating high quality prints. Scroll down this page to check out our digital design work for brands such as Fanct, ARound, and ING.

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Content production


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Visual ID & content productions

Creative production agency for digital design

We are Studio Zelden

We are specialised in content, campaigns and communication pieces for brands and companies, from brand-ID design to digital assets for campaigns. On a daily basis, we are facing the rapidly changing world of media and content, and every day we are adapting to the latest trends and technologies. We support your brand's goals and challenges by solving today's communication puzzles.
From concept to execution

During the first phase, we work out concepts and work on the first ideas. Based on the briefing we propose several versions and routes for you to approve.

Depending on the size and type of project, we select the team that fits best. Aside from the creatives, producers, and designers, we can upscale the team with a director and a copywriter when needed for the job.

Our creative route and process guarantee that you will receive what you expect. We maintain clear communication from concept to execution.

Production house

Being a creative production agency means we are a creative agency and a production in one with our own studio.

Our production- and editing team is ready to connect your brand story with the most modern technology to create something unique. From photography to film and from mixed media to CGI. Online and offline. From preparation to editing. Everything in line with the brand identity. Everything full-service. And everything done to make your brand known.

Creative agency

As a creative agency, we support brands with creating campaigns, content, and full-scope creative work. We give direction and create a vision to translate your brand's creative needs and goals into successful campaigns.

We also supply strategy services like brand - content- or campaign strategy.

Creative partner

As your creative partner we are responsible for the continuous creative, and creative production work for your company, brand, or division.

We will be your integrated partner that is involved in upcoming plans, are proactive about next priorities and opportunities, and will support you with protecting and managing your brand’s creative output and values.