Lifestyle Photography

Studio Zelden is the right creative partner if you’re looking for premium quality lifestyle photography. Set design, styling, directing and more: we offer full-service productions for any party in need of professional photography.
The creative team
To give each lifestyle photography project the right creative direction we work with both our inhouse team of producers, creatives, editors and directors and experienced freelancers. From casting and directing to wardrobe- and prop styling: we have the experience to take on every step of the production process.
Shoot at any location

Studio Zelden has over 1300 square meters of studio space and an experienced team of construction workers. This gives us the possibility to build sets of any size and complexity. Do you want to shoot at a different location? Not a problem: Studio Zelden also offers services in location management to find the right shooting spot for your project.

Our work

Our cases

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Lifestyle and Packshot production


Content Production


Content production


Photography production


Artwork package & Content production


Visual ID & content productions

Creative production agency for lifestyle photography

We are Studio Zelden

We are specialised in photographic content and campaigns for brands, from packshots to social assets to billboard campaigns. We translate your big idea or campaign goal into a working creative production.

Creative and Pre-production

We are creative and versatile storytellers. We are experienced in creating concepts and visualising a big idea or a campaign into a working production.

For the pre-production we are used to taking care of all elements such as set design or location sourcing, casting, styling and set dressing and everything you can think of to prepare for the production.

Types of photography

Types of photography

We have a wide range of photography experience. Our photography assets are used on brands websites, billboard- and (D)OOH campaigns, social ads campaigns and social content. You name it, we did it.

We are used to tabletop photography, model photography, packshot and product photography, food photography, studio and location photography.

Team selection
For each project, we propose a top selection (e.g. Photographers, specific talent or stylists) for the team that creatively fits best with the idea and style of the brand and the production. The selection of talents will become an integrated part of our production and in-house team.
Creative agency
As a creative agency, we support brands with creating campaigns, content, and full-scope creative work. We give direction and create a vision to translate your brand's creative needs and goals into successful campaigns