We are a creative production agency. We create concepts, strategy, content and campaigns for brands.

We are Tech Nerds. We are Visual Junkies.

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Visual Identity and Content productions


Brand identity, content strategy- and productions


Photography productions

Our Services

Our full scope of work is build up by a variety of dedicated specialties and services. For many brands, clients and projects we utilise a combination of these services, and for many others we supply just that service.

Being a creative production agency has the benefits of a creative agency and a production house, under one roof. This means we are a full-service, one stop shop, for creative, campaigns, concepts, strategy, production and design, and that we have experience in every media type that you can image, that we utilise to get any message across.

Have a look at our specialised services and feel free to get in touch for a free consult or a quote.

Creative Agency

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Film Productions

Photography Productions

Mixed Media & Mixed Reality

3D & CGI Studio

Animation Studio

Creative Design & DTP

Image manipulation, post production and VFX

Product explainers

Identity & Strategy

Who is Studio Zelden?

We are Creative strategists

Everything you envision rests on a strong foundation. Whether you are looking to perfect it, need our help to formulate what your brand stands for, or need the right strategy to achieve your goals. We will, together with our team of brand- and creative strategists, guide you towards your goals.

We are Visual Junkies

We are always ready to get our hands dirty and to start on full-service productions. We translate your vision, your identity, into a visual language that will set your brand apart. Or maybe, you are just looking for a one-stop shop to photograph or film your product, no matter the question, we are ready to get creative.

We are Tech Nerds

We are tech nerds and visual junkies, remember? Our digital services go beyond the expected. Our design & DTP team is ready to take your vision or strategy and translate it into something amazing. From online to print, motion graphic design to concepts, and the development of one-pagers. 

Brands and agencies we work for