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About Studio Zelden and our services

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Creative agency 


Brands are just like people. The way they talk, the way it looks, and what their promises are, make up the brand identity. Something very essential to consistently tell the brand heritage story. That’s where our creatives and brand strategists jump in! Whether your brand is at the starting point, of your are further in the race, regardless of where your brand in its journey, we walk the creative route together. A content strategy to create more awareness? Creating a identity for your new brand? We got you! The creative concepts we create, will become the foundation for your strategy or identity. From visual identities to campaign concepts and from social media concepts to creating web assets. We're your team!


Our creative agency services: brand strategy | brand ID | image strategy | market research | campaign strategy | community management | creative direction | content strategy | content and campaign concepts 


Production house


In our own studio our production- and editing team is ready to connect your brand story with the most modern technology to create something unique. From photography to film and from mixed media to CGI. Online and offline. From preparation to editing. Everything inline with the brand identity (if there is no identity our creative strategists are here to help). Everything full-service. And everything done to make your brand known. Get noticed! 


Production services: image- and campagne concepts | set design | set dressing | location sourcing | photography | film | mixed media | CGI & 3D | image editing 

Digital department


Strong online brands have one thing in common: they hold onto to their brand identity and tell their unique brand story. Consistently and continuously. The right recipe to get noticed in the digital field. Where the digital world holds no boundaries, same goes for our design & DTP team. From 2D to 3D and from motion graphics to mockups. Full-service digital expressions that tell the brand story, where we mix creativity with technology to increase brand awareness, recognition and engagement. Introduce your brand to the world! 


Digital services: 2D | 3D & CGI | full digital productions | creative design | motion graphics | concept art | artworks | animations | (D)OOH


This is how helped other brands:



For Fanct cosmetics we have worked on an image strategy in which all visual choices about look & feel, colors and materials were decided. We have also supported them by creating a content strategy for multiple platforms. The result is a beautiful campaign and a strong strategy for Fanct to build on.




For the brand Teeez, the producers started with brainstorming about different image concepts. Through these image concepts, we set up an image production and eventually produced a beautiful portfolio of stills and stop motion images. Our art-directors and creative producers have experience in smoothly guiding a production including setdesign, setstyling, creative direction, photography and editing.

Beauty, Production


For the launch of the new brand of Mani, we created different image concepts and produced the image production. These images consist of stills and stop motion. Our in-house art-directors and creative producers guided the project smoothly, including set design, set styling, creative direction, photography and editing.


Other portfolios that might be interesting for your brand:

pharma & health


For Pharma and Health brands we can create both aesthetically pleasing content as well as informative content for both healthcare professionals and users. We can produce everything from a product launch campaign to social content and product images

Model, Production

models & people


Commercial faces, editorial faces, fitness models, hand models. You name it. With our full in-house service we will source the perfect model for every different occasion. We can arrange castings, model shoots, wardrobe, make-up, styling and will make sure the models understand the identity of the brand.


mixed media


To give a production what it needs, many of our projects and digital assets that we create and produce are a combination of different technical approaches. An advantage of Studio Zelden is that we are a full-service production house, which means that we can assist you on your project from start to finish. 


Some of the brands and clients we work for