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About Studio Zelden and our services

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set design & lighting

We make high quality table-top photography for advertising, food and fashion. Our team of stylists, image makers and creatives always puts great effort in creating the perfect set design for your table-top. We will invest in sourcing the best materials and right gear for a shoot. By finding the perfect lighting for the set, we can showcase the best assets of the product. 

photography productions



Studio Zelden has a lot to offer as a production house. Our creatives know exactly how to set up a full-service photography production including setdesign and styling. Together, we look at what is best for your brand. This can be packshots, but also different stills. An advantage of Studio Zelden is that we have our own beautiful in-house studio with an area of 770 m2 where we can create different sets that best fit your brand.


Loods 5, Photography

Lifestyle photography


Lifestyle photography ensures that your audience gets more involved with the products on set. Our art-directors have experiences in in creating different landscapes that best suit your brand and products. First, we develop a strategy. This strategy is a translation of your brand-ID into branded product content or a content campaign. Ultimately, the producers will conceive and visualise a world that consists of still or moving images.


Product visuals & Packshots


Studio Zelden has a lot of experiences in producing packshots. For these packshots and product visuals, we focus on premium film and photography and are mainly used for e-commerce and campaigns. Because of our full-service approach, we take care of the crew, production and the editing. Besides packshots, we also offer packshot plus. This is a packshot which is provided with a small prop or a beautiful and nice background.


Some of the brands and clients we work for